What makes you perfect?
“Hmmm i don’t think perfection is something that I strive for.. I’m not perfect at all”

What is your unique aspect?
“I think gender is a thing that I need to bend so I can fully be seen. Meaning, that within the gender idea of “male” and “female”, there is no room for me to truly be myself. Some people call this “non-binary”, but I resonate more with “gender fluid”.”

What does authenticity mean to you?
“Authenticity to me means being and staying true to who you are apart from external projections.”

What does perfectly imperfect mean to you?:
“To me, perfectly imperfect means that no matter what the “norm” is and whether you fit in it or not, you still embrace your being. Perfection isn’t real, therefore imperfection isn’t real. All is exactly right the way it is.”